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As a young church, we recognized the importance of being involved in mission causes.


The church contributes a percentage of its receipts to missions both locally and statewide as well as supporting missionaries in other countries.

Our "Women on Mission" group is also involved in mission projects and encourages the church in mission giving.


We send out and support a large portion of our congregation every year as they go on missions trips. 


We invite you to come and experience God working through his people to help others.

Missionary folks that have inspired us for mission work

LottieMoon Name.png

Lottie Moon — the namesake of Southern Baptists’ international missions offering — has become a legend. But in her time, Lottie was anything but an untouchable hero. In fact, she was like today's missionaries. She labored tirelessly so her people group could know Jesus.

To learn more about Lottie click on this link: I want to learn more.

Annie Armstrong (1850-1938)

Annie was born in Baltimore at a time when there was little opportunity for women. Yet, her devotion to Christ led her to a life of service and leadership. She organized women to pray, to give and to meet the needs around them.


She challenged pastors and churches to action and rallied vital support for missionaries. Ultimately, Annie was recognized as a national Southern Baptist trailblazer for her visionary leadership that still inspires millions today.

I want to know more about Annie.

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