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Magalia Pines Baptist Church
Vacation Bible School (VBS) Registration
July 17 to 19  9 am to Noon

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Please us this form to register each of your children to participate in this year’s VBS. Use one form for all children who have the same parents/guardians and physical address. If the parents/guardians or address differ, please complete a separate form. Additional children can be added on additional page(s).

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Parents/Guardian Information:

Are you a member of this church

Permission to Phtograph your Child(ren)

Permission to use your child(ren) Photograph in Church Publication or internet

Child's Information


Additional Child's Information


Additional Child's Information


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Click the REGISTER button first before adding a child.

When your ready to add more children CLICK THE BUTTON below

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